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Welcome to Geoff "Jeff" Hook's web site. Featuring a twice weekly cartoon, cartoon archives, book details, and other art work, there's plenty to see and you can order, or even commission, an original artwork of your own through the services page.

After over 40 years as an Australian cartoonist, Geoff has now "officially retired" from cartooning and is now devoting all his energies to his painting and sketching, so we will no longer be running current cartoons here on the web site. Don't go away though! We've years' worth of cartoons yet to be shown, so we'll be still running two cartoons a week and while they may not have been drawn yesterday, you will probably note that, perhaps, in the world of politics, not a lot has changed...

The next cartoon will be up on 3rd April with more to follow!

Feature Galleries:

The Whitlam Government. A tribute to one of Australia's most remarkable Prime Ministers. Relive one of the most turbulent times in Australian democracy and a great period of joy for cartoonists! Wonder as years of conservative rule end, thrill as Parliament is first broadcast live on television, despair at the collapse of the Government's finances, and gasp as the Government is dismissed and loses at the polls. Don't miss the Whitlam gallery.
Views of Victoria and Tasmania. A further 27 paintings have been added to the realist art gallery, featuring works from some of Geoff's recent exhibitions. See the gallery here.

Tax Reform is again on the agenda in Federal Politics. A look back!


Rocking the boat... - 1st October 1992

It was early days in the party leadership of John Hewson, when he was first elected in 1990 that he introduced a new economic "Fightback' policy that included a 15% consumption tax. The GST - Goods and Services Tax - was part of a plan to tackle Australia's recession.

At this point when Paul Keating had mounted an attack on the 'Fightback' plan. Victorian Liberal Opposition Leader Jeff Kennett was 5 days away from an election. Jeff Kennett became the 43rd Premier of Victoria.

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